Tim Tebow, Taylor Swift Adorable Date — New Details Revealed

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Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift finally went on a date. It was bound to happen sooner or later. These two seem made for each other. Almost. Anyway, the details of their adorable date have now been revealed, but sadly, fans who were hoping for a new couple—Swiftbow or Taytim or whatever—will be sorely disappointed. The chaste non-couple’s first and probably last date was strictly for business purposes.

Alas, it seems that Dudley Do-Right and Pearl Pureheart did not make a love connection on their erroneously reported recent “date.” While it’s true that the two sweet celebrities dined together at Century City’s Toscanova Italian Restaurant, they did not dine there alone.

“They were with William Morris agents who are trying to get them to work together in various avenues of entertainment and charity since they are both represented by WME,” revealed an inside source. “They seemed very friendly and cordial with each other and were in constant conversation, but there was in no way any PDA.”

Well, considering they are Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift, PDA is the last thing one would or should expect. Tim behaved, of course, like a perfect gentleman, and he walked La Swift to her car.

“He actually took the conversation outside and walked her to her awaiting car and gave her a hug goodbye,” the source continued. “But it was all deemed friendly and no flirting was taking place.”

And that was the end of the evening. Oh well, Tebow’s and Taylor’s fans will have to wish them both better luck next time.

Does this mean Kim Kardashian can take heart? Or has she moved on?

Note: Actually, maybe they weren’t really so perfect for each other. After all, Taylor Swift has had four previous boyfriends, and one of them was John Mayer. Oops. Nevertheless, that doesn’t prevent many fans from wanting to see these two “pure” celebrities fall in love and get married. In a recent poll that asked, “Do you want Taylor and Tim to date?” a whopping 69.88 percent voted an unequivocal “Yes!” No one remained undecided.

What do you think?

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