Tim Tebow to be the Face (and Body) of Jockey Underwear

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Professional football player, Tim Tebow, has been signed as the new face and body of the Jockey underwear brand. As a spokesperson for the Jockey brand, Tebow’s image will be plastered across ads for the brand on TV and in print, as well as in the Jockey catalog.

Tim Tebow will have a three year contract with Jockey. The dollar amount of that contract is under wraps. The reason that Jockey picked the Heisman winner to represent their brand is not. In a press release, Jockey’s Chairman and CEO, Debra Waller, stated, “[Tim Tebow] is an excellent representative for the brand. [He] is genuine, smart and driven and those qualities align well with Jockey.”

What Waller failed to mention is whether or not Tim Tebow’s ability to fill out a plain white tee had anything to do with Jockey’s decision.


So what do you think? Is Tim Tebow a good pick for Jockey? Are you more likely to buy Jockey products (or pick up their catalog, wink, wink) now that Tim Tebow is their spokesperson?

Sources: Jockey Buzz, AJC.com

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