Time must be getting hard-but yet and still, “What in the world was the man thinking!

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Last night I received a phone call, just about a few minutes before I stepped out my door to walk my doggie so she can do her thing. Glad I didn’t yet or I would not have gotten the phone call. Around 6:00 PM, the bank in town I live in was robbed and I always happen to walked by the bank when taking my doggie out. I know an angel was watching over me and my doggie. Who in the world I said to my little sister would robbed a bank in broad day light. I thank God nobody was hurt.


Well they caught the man who did it and there were State police officers in front of the bank. I know things may be getting hard but it is no excuse to rob or steal from people or harm them either. I would eat from a dumpster I said to my sister before I take anything that is not mine or I did not rightly earned it. since the bank was robbed in our town I walk my doggie a little earlier in the day now. My younger sister happen to live across the street from the bank so she witnessed the robbery. She can look right out of her living room window and see the bank that is how close she lives near it.


I thank God nobody was hurt and they caught the man before he did harm anybody. It was stated that the man was not from our town and that he was an outsider and may have been the same man who may have robbed another bank in another town a few miles away from our town. I do have a friend who works at the bank, she is an young girl about around my daughter’s age. So I was concern because she is a very friendly and polite young lady.


I am gathering it will be broadcast on the news which I don’t watch but my husband watches the News every morning. About 2:30 PM my doggie was barking very loudly which she hardly barks so this was very odd and strange for her to act in this manner. I didn’t go downstairs to check on her which I should of. When I woke up this morning I checked on Buttercup she seem fine but when I taken out for her usual morning walk, our neighbors car was broken in to. “My, “MY! I whispered to myself. I checked on my van to see if we were hit. Thank God we weren’t. I know now why Buttercup was acting the way she was, I believe she was warning us that someone was outisde or she heard the loud noise that something was wrong. Next time I know better to check but don’t open my door at the time of the morning.


Tonight seem quiet and I hope it stays that way. I walked by our bank earlier today and the bank seem quiet and calmed down. I know things are getting hard but those who trust in the Lord and puts their faith in him will get through it by the Grace of God and his mercy. I do thank God, He keeps our home safe and secure. Keep Looking Up! God is looking down upon us because He Cares!

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