Time Warner Cable May Lose This Customer…

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…over a mere 23 cents per month.

The Time Warner Cable Company has apparently been balking in negotiations with the Viacom company, regarding an increase in fees for some of Viacom’s cable channels.

Tonight (12/31/2008) at twelve midnight, eighteen (18) plus channels will apparently go dark in my cable service.

Comedy Central, home of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and the “Colbert Report,” is one of those channels.

Nickelodean, home of “Dora The Explorer” and “SpongeBob Square Pants,” is another.

Comedy Central and Spike are watched regularly in our home; and ALL the Nick channels are watched in the homes of our children by their children.

Let me be clear about this; We would gladly accept a 23 cent increase in our monthly cable bill in order to keep these channels airing in our home.

The list below of channels to be lost was found in one article that I surfed:

Comedy Central
CMT: Pure Country
MTV Hits
MTV Jams
MTV Tr3s
Nick at Nite
Nick 2
The N
TV Land
VH1 Classic
VH1 Soul

These channels are popular.

Time Warner is making a BIG mistake…

…over a mere 23 cents per month, per customer.

Time Warner’s stock values are fluctuating downward as we speak.


They should keep the shows that customers like.

If you are a Time Warner customer and wish to voice your opinion, here is a phone number for calling them: 1-800-762-3786

Both supply and demand would indicate that this is bad corporate management.

Please Call Now !!

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