Times Square New Years Eve Celebration 2010

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Times Square New Years Eve celebrations bring back memories for me. A Times Square New Years gives you a rush like nothing else in the world. The excitement during a Times Square New Years Eve is contagious! As a New Yorker, I have many memories of Times Square. What will the Times Square New Years Eve 2010 be about?

This Times Square New Years Eve will be covered in powdered sugar snow. I’m gazing out my office window at large flakes falling. We tend to get more snow on the east end of Long Island but I’m sure the Times Square New Years Eve area will be shrouded in a white blanket of fresh snow. I wonder how many people will make the Tavern on the Green New Year celebration on the last day this iconic restaurant will open its doors?

As people celebrate New Years around the world, countless folks watch the Times Square New Years on television to see the ball drop. For decades, Dick Clark announced the ball dropping. He was the face of Times Square New Year celebrations. Now Ryan Seacrest will do the Times Square New Years Eve countdown for 2010.

Can the ball withstand the snowfall during Times Square New Years celebrations? It would be awful for the ball to fall on its own and go rolling into the rollicking crowd. Fortunately, the ball was built to take extreme temperatures, precipitation and heavy winds.

The Times Square New Years Eve theme for 2010 is “Let There Be Courage.” With worldwide events in mind, it is certainly a good motto for 2010. This past weekend, the ball was also revamped with some new crystal tiles. One of the tiles has a Celtic knot representing the 2010 theme.

I would love to bring the kids to experience the exhilaration of a Times Square New Years Eve but I am waiting until they are a little older. All that jostling is a lot when you’re small. Besides, with all this snow I’m content to nibble on comfort food, sip champagne and watch the Times Square New Years countdown on television.

We might try to catch a glimpse of the Blue Moon 2009 since it only happens once in a blue moon. Usually we talk about our New Years resolutions and discuss New Years quotes, sayings and other wise or funny words.

Did you know you can submit your wishes to be included in the Times Square New Years Eve celebration?  Your wishes will be on the confetti that flutters down on Times Square.  To find out how to get your wishes included, visit New Year’s Wishes.  Click here to find out about the LIVE New Years Eve Cam up and running.

Happy New Year 2010 everyone! Here is some YouTube footage of Times Square New Years Eve 2009 and the song Auld Lang Syne from Sex and the City:



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