Tina Fey Launches “Sarah Palin Network” on “Saturday Night Live” (VIDEO)

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Why should Oprah Winfrey and her ill-defined OWN have all the fun? Tina Fey returned to Saturday Night Live as Sarah Palin last night, with the onetime politician announcing her Sarah Palin Network.

Noting that she’d won “the silver medal in last year’s vice presidential election,” Fey-lin said her 24/7 Palin network will “aim for the heartland” with programming like the made-for-TV movie My Daughter Only Sprained Her Ankle, You Can’t Seriously Be Considering Euthanizing Her, daytime game show Are You Smarter Than a Half-Term Governor? and 30 Main Street, whose cast includes Stephen Baldwin and Bobby Jindal.

None of it may be revolutionary comedy, but it’s gotta be funnier than Date Night:



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