Titanic Collection Must Be Sold as One Purchase

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An auction of the Titanic collection will be held on April 15, 2012 as part of the 100th anniversary of the luxury ocean liner’s North Atlantic sinking on its maiden voyage from England, resulting in the death of 1,517 people.

Considering that there are 5,500 artifacts involved, will there be someone who is willing to purchase it all? Back in 2007 these items were valued at $189 million, so who knows what the final price will be.

April 1 will be the final date for applications, and the accepted bidders will take part at the April 15 auction to be held at an undisclosed New York location. This will no doubt be a gala affair that many wealthy patrons will want to attend just to see what occurs.

A Virginia federal court judge must approve the auction and the buyer, so it will not be a typical auction deal. Premier Exhibitions is the court-appointed seller; RMS Titanic Inc., its subsidiary, is the only company that was permitted by law to recover the ship’s objects.

The Hollywood movie of Titanic, which is the second all-time biggest box-office film, will also be reissued in a 3D version that will be shown in theaters worldwide starting in April.

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