Tito Ortiz Nude Photo Leaked; Claims He Was Hacked

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Tito Ortiz, a well-known MMA fighter, is the latest celeb to claim their nude photo was the result of being hacked.

Ortiz, real name Jacob Christopher Ortiz, had a full frontal nude shot posted to his Twitter account earlier today. Unlike Blake Lively, he doesn’t deny that the photo is of him, but instead claims that he was hacked. The photo was originally uploaded to his personal photo site, which is also linked to his Twitter account where the photo popped up.

The photo looks like most celeb nude pics—done by themselves with some sort of camera phone. When will celebs realize that taking photos with their phones is risky at best? It really makes you wonder who does this and actually thinks that the photos won’t pop up online somewhere. Or, perhaps that’s the idea—to have them “hacked” and generate some media coverage about the star. After all what gets around more than a nude photo scandal? Not much gets more coverage and causes more gossip than nude scandals, except maybe sex tape scandals.

Either way, Tito Tweeted the following message in reference to the photo: “Someone hack my f**king phone.” Grammar aside, it seems he’s pretty peeved by the reported hack. Wonder if it’s the same hacker that’s attacked several other stars including Blake Lively?

What do you think? Was he truly hacked, or is this just a cover up for an “oops” moment? Weigh in below.

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