TLC Makes Charlie Sheen Documentary — Will A Reality Show Follow?

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It looks like Charlie Sheen is still duh, winning.  Since his rather dramatic departure from Two and a Half Men, the silver tongued warlock has dominated the world stage.   He has conquered the world of social media, acquired a place in the Guinness Book of Records, and embarked on a stand up comedy career.  Only the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami have been able to deflect the world’s attention from him and his sheenanigans.  And now, he’s going to be the subject of his own documentary.

Yes, TLC, the network responsible for classic television productions like Kate Plus 8, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, and Sister Wives, has created a documentary about the troubled star.  The rather melodramatically titled documentary, Charlie Sheen:  On The Brink, has already been rushed into production. 

According to Radar Online, Charlie Sheen:  On The Brink will feature video footage from co-producer, NBC as well as from Charlie’s own self-made media blitz.  It will also include “expert commentary” from former celebrity drug addict, MacKenzie Phillips.  So far, there’s no word as to whether or not the show will also feature commentary from addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky.  Hopefully not.

The question is:  with Charlie’s TLC documentary already a done deal, can a reality show be far behind?  After all,  quotidian reality is a show already, what with the ubiquitous cameras, his goddess co-stars, and his incessant conflict with exes, suits,   cops, stalkers, and trolls.  How could it not become a hit?

On the Brink is scheduled to air on TLC March 20.

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