TNA Destination X 2012 Live Stream Online and TV Viewing Info for PPV

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The TNA Destination X 2012 live stream online and televised pro wrestling event arrives Sunday night with plenty of compelling matches on the card. Among the advertised matches for the latest TNA Pay-Per-View will be Austin Aries challenging Robert Roode for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Destination X live streaming and televised coverage is scheduled for an 8PM EST start time on Sunday evening. Roode and Aries will lock up in the main event, with the current champ looking to extend his already record 256 days as champion. Fans will continue to wonder how long the champ can go for, before someone comes along and disrupts his reign. Will Austin Aries be the one to do it?

While that’s the headline match, and one fans have been talking about, there’s plenty of other action on the card. Two other big matches on the card will feature Kurt Angle taking on Samoa Joe in a Bound for Glory series match, and AJ Styles battling Christopher Daniels in a “Last Man Standing” match. In the latter, the two opponents will attempt to incapacitate one another, until one man can’t answer the referee’s count and make it back to their feet. It could be a beauty, as long as there’s no outside interference!

Don’t forget that this is Destination X, with the X coming from the TNA’s “X Division.” A new X Division champion will be crowned on Sunday night. There will be an eight-man X Division tournament held which will include Doug Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Zema Ion, Kid Kash, Flip Cassanova, Rashad Cameron, and Kenny King. The seventh competitor will come from a “Last Chance Fourway” match featuring four other wrestlers in action.

This tournament came about due to Austin Aries choosing to give up his X Division title in exchange for a World Heavyweight championship match tonight. He accepted the offer from Hulk Hogan, suggesting that they have this option every year for the PPV. So because of that, there will be four matches consisting of eight wrestlers total. The final four winners move on to the X Division title match later in the evening!

As you can see from the above lineup, it’s going to be an exciting PPV for TNA. The Destination X live streaming and televised event can be ordered on the internet or via cable or satellite providers starting at 8PM EST. Will you be watching, and if so which match are you most excited for? Do you think Austin Aries has a shot at shocking the world and winning the World Heavyweight title from Bobby Roode?

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