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Falling Skies is the newest drama coming from the network that “knows” the genre–TNT. The show stars Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood. It focuses on what happens after an alien invasion as those who have survived try to figure out how to keep living.



TNT Drama Trailer

Photo by: RE/Westcom/ 2010 12/11/10 Noah Wyle, The Yogi Bear 3-D film premiere, The Village Theater, (Westwood, CA.) Photo via Newscom

The trailer (below) begins with how it all started—when the alien ships first came to Earth. A child explains what happened and how the world basically came to a standstill as the aliens invaded and took over. They’ve lost their city and their only hope is to split up and hope to stay alive. In Falling Skies, Wyle plays Tom Mason, a history professor who uses his knowledge to help the survivors. They’re constantly on the run, trying to stay safe and protect each other from the aliens. These aliens can be anywhere (for example, behind some boxes in a warehouse), and they’re dangerous. The series is described as “epic” and it certainly looks that way, just in the trailer alone. It looks as if it should be a movie (whether that is a made-for-television one or one in theaters). However, it still looks like it should do well on TNT next summer—depending on its time slot. Hopefully it won’t have to compete against AMC’s original dramas when they return.

Will you tune in for Falling Skies on TNT in June?

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