To Bush from the Buddha

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In his effort to be comprehensive in getting advice about what should be done in Iraq George Bush goes to a the worlds most respected Buddhist Monk who has achieved a virtually perfect state of Karma.

Should I stay the course with my policy in Iraq?
The Monk responds, indirectly, with a story. A man was on a long difficult journey that was very important. He traveled over mountains and through a thick forest to reach his destination but he comes upon a wide turbulent river that appears impassable. This man with such a vital mission searches within himself and decides to take the risk. He will build a strong raft that could survive the white water crossing. Finally the flat array of logs is completed and he struggles mightily with the current to guide it all the way across, and does so successfully. Once on the other side he searches within himself once again, Should I bring this heavy and cumbersome raft that I worked so hard on with me, in case I encounter another such waterway. He decides to leave the product of his determined efforts behind and move on towards his destination. 
George Bush returned to Washington and fired Rumsfeld.

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