To Define ~ 3/11/12

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To Define

What is the goal setting process?  What is the word goal about.  We start here and throw in the word SMART and define it.  So we start today to understand what goals are and why we should understand them before we start to write them out and speak them aloud.

The purpose toward which an endeavor is directed; an objective; as defined by The Free Dictionary online as to the word Goal.

Goal Setting involves setting specific, measurable and time targeted objectives; as defined by The Free Dictionary online as to the phrase Goal Setting.

Think about those two things, goals and goal setting and think upon all the times you set a goal and fell short.  Was it the goal that came up short ?  Was it the process that you used to run after the goal you set for yourself?    Maybe a little of both.  Fact is the meaning and desire to attain this goal may not have been clear or strong enough.

Lets talk about the word Smart and lets take each letter and go deeper into understanding what is truly needed to develop your goal setting and achievement more successful.

The Mnemonic was first used and defined by George T. Doran and used in a 1981 issue of Management Review.  Lets take each letter and move forward.



Having a specific goal and result in mind from that goal.  A simple explanation of what you desire.



A goal with specific measurable results.  Easy to understand if your getting closer or farther away.  If you can define the is goal and measure each step with a chart, a scale, a picture you will be able to understand if your progressing or standing still or worse declining.



A goal that is specific, measurable and attainable is a must if you wish to set yourself up with a win instead of a loss.  Many of us try to achieve a goal that is not attainable with out an education about real world tools and real world knowledge.  If you want to lose 100 pounds in a month your setting yourself for failure and a dangerous outcome if you just run with reckless abandon.



A goal that is specific, measurable and attainable and relevant becomes even more desirable to you because you understand how it will help you in the here and now.  Relevance makes it  clear to the goal setting process that a success in completion will help in the moment and the moment is relevant now and in the near future.


Time – Bound

Having a goal with a specific, measurable and attainable and relevant time structure will ensure that your not just pushing something around with no deadline.  Sure this time must meet all the other steps in the process but a time must be set and a path must be defined to get you to that goal that you desire so much.

So thats SMART and each day this week we will look at each letter in more depth.  So lets all try to be smart and understand the goal setting process before we just leap in with the water being drained in our pool.

In other words before you leap be smart and understand why your leaping in the first place and whats in it for you and those you love.

Just some thoughts and as always smiles sent to you this day and everyday.

New Affirmation for the Month of March ….. Use it daily and feel the change in you.

I walk with confidence and understanding towards success.  Born into a perfected state I strive to achieve my intended purpose, to love, to share and care for self and for others that come in contact with me.  I choose to be happy and share laughter.  Making a difference in another persons life for the better gives positive and ever flowing energy into my world.  I am focusing on my goals, the this moment goal, this day, my weekly goals and monthly goals I achieve because of my spirit and focus.


Quote of the Day

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered;

the point is to discover them.

: o ) Galileo Galilei



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Smiles to you this day and everyday : )

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