To review: Books that make the mundane seem extraordinary

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Beginning this month, HarperCollins is featuring the best of their nonfiction books and authors in the new group Bright Ideas from Bestselling Authors. Bright Ideas will introduce you to at least two new authors each month, and here's the best part: we're giving away free copies of each book to members interested in writing book reviews!

In September, Bright Ideas will offer Gather members the chance to see how the ordinary may be extraordinary. Punk Rock Dad, by Jim Lindberg, reveals the juxtaposition between his life as a father who arranges play dates and washes the dishes, and his life as lead vocalist and guitarist in a punk band. Remember Me, by Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, explores how modern-day Americans are transforming funeral practices from mundane to exotic.

Request a copy by sending me a message with your mailing address and interest in writing a review, with "Book Request" written in the subject line. Please note that only writers who agree to review the book will be selected. Quantities are limited.

Please don’t list personal information, such as your home address, in the comment thread. Send a message directly to me instead! :-)

About the books:

fileId:3096224744299669;size:inter; Punk Rock Dad:

Jim Lindberg is a Punk Rock Dad. When he drives his kids to school in the morning, they listen to the Ramones, the Clash, or the Descendents—and that's it. They can listen to Britney and Justin on their own time. Jim goes to soccer games, dance rehearsals, and piano recitals like all the other dads, but when he feels the need, he also goes to punk shows, runs into the slam pit, and comes home bruised and beaten . . . but somehow feeling strangely better. While the other dads dye their hair brown to cover the gray, Jim occasionally dyes his blue or green. He makes his daughters' lunches, kisses their boo-boos, and tucks them in at night—and then goes into the garage and plays Black Flag and Minor Threat songs at a criminal volume. He pays his taxes, votes in all the presidential and gubernatorial elections, serves on jury duty, and reserves the right to believe that there is a vast Right Wing Conspiracy—and that the head of the P.T.A. is possibly in on it. He is a Punk Rock Dad.


fileId:3096224744299679;size:inter; Remember Me:

Cullen has created a humorous and poignant chronicle of her travels around the country to discover how Americans — baby boomers, in particular — are reinventing the rites of dying. What she discovered is that the people who reinvented youth, redefined careers, and reconceived middle age have created a new attitude toward the afterlife. They no longer want to take death lying down; instead, they're taking their demise into their own hands and planning the after-party.

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