To Tempt the Wolf, by Terry Spear

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When Hunter Greymere wakes up on the beach, badly injured, with a beautiful woman tending to him, it’s only the start of a chapter of accidents. Hunter is a werewolf, and can’t remember his name or how he came to be hurt. Tessa is a human, but she smells so very good he’s falling in love. And Tessa’s friends are human too, which makes them altogether too vulnerable.


When Tessa Anderson’s brother is jailed for murder, that’s only the start of her chapter of accidents. But that man on the beach has a certain animal magnetism that’s really hard to resist. He starts by saving Tessa’s life. Then he saves her friends’ lives. And soon the strange coincidences start to pile up.


If only Hunter could remember who he was. If only someone could work out why Tessa smells so good. And if only there wasn’t a full moon rising.


To Tempt the Wolf, Terry Spear’s newest entry in her werewolves series, fulfils all expectations. Only Terry could create such a completely believable world, with such completely real characters. And only Terry could write a series where the individuals are always new, the distant connections always just close and far enough away to be exactly right, and the imagination so free to fall so deeply in love. These are werewolves like they were meant to be, fully human, fully wolf, fully integrated, and more; and the tale is in the more.

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