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In my previous article, John McCain's political philosophy (I originally said preference but philosophy is a better term) was the center of discussion. Although the comments did not come pouring in and the discussion was short lived, one comment sparked what I will call an extension of the article, "Let's Talk McCain".

If you are a conservative, whether you are extreme Right or just mildly Left, this election year will leave us with only one of (possibly) four choices.

Vote Republican

Vote Democrat

Vote Independent or write in

Don't vote

The last choice I do not consider to be a viable one but I know some will choose it.

Both of the Democratic candidates are very much Liberal. Obama probably more so than Clinton. But one of them will be the nominee. The independents, Nader and possibly Bloomberg, are merely vote takers from the other two parties. McCain is a Republican but many feel he is not Conservative enough to merit their vote.

So, as a Conservative, which way are you leaning to cast your vote in November?

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