To the Left, To the Left…..

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Last year my daughter and I saw Beyonce perform at 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore.  I couldn’t wait to hear her perform “Halo”; my daughter couldn’t wait to hear everything Beyonce would sing!  She sang a song called “To the Left” which immediately caught my attention.

Beyonce is a great performer, and  this one song in particular has stuck with me and become my political motto.  I don’t think she intended this to be a political statement – rather, it was a song about kicking out her latest guy, and all his stuff that’s in her closet is in a box “to the left, to the left”.  But soon after the concert, as I joined some sites (like this) that ask, when you are filling out your profile, what your political affiliation or leaning is, I found myself quoting Beyonce and filling in “to the left, to the left”.  Profiles already in place, such as facebook, were changed to reflect my new motto.

So thank you, Beyonce Knowles.  You’ve put form and shape and song to my political leanings.

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