To the Supreme Court: Marriage Is a Human Right, not a Religious-Political Game

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Marriage equality is moving closer to the Supreme Court, meaning it may not be too long before the nation sees this human-given right addressed as it really should be. What’s being described by sources as “two big cases” are expected to make their ways this year to the highest court in the United States of America. Certainly those bigoted types will be shaking in their church pews when the people they hate get the freedom they deserve.

The two cases directly go after the core of the matter, and that’s to discern whether or not individual states have the right to disregard or refuse to recognize same-sex marriage. The Supreme Court is who should have been handling this in the first place, as this is a human right: marriage. Simply because some over-religious Americans and people who just think homosexuality is “gross” doesn’t mean these American citizens don’t deserve the same, equal, rights as everyone else in this country.

From both coasts of the U.S., lawyers are urging the 9th Circuit Court to back out, abandoning the gay rights issue, so the Supreme Court can take a look at whether or not this is a legitimate right. It is.

So who knows? Maybe in as little as a year, no states like the bigoted North Carolina will be able to deny married homosexuals the rights they’re entitled to.

If you’re against equality, the sentiment should be very simple: Leave the United States. This is the land of freedom and equality and throughout the ages the far religious right have done nothing but hinder the freedom of this nation’s people. From blacks and women to immigrants (who aided in the founding of this nation, mind you), the overly religious and the narrow-minded disrespect the very values of this country. The values of America aren’t about stripping the rights of consenting adults who love one another. So if you don’t like it, move to one of the five countries where it’s punishable by death to be gay. People who oppose this basic freedom would fit in just fine in any of those regions. Cause guess what: Homosexuals will have the right to marry eventually, with or without the support of narrow minded American bigots.

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