Toby Keith Refuses to Apologize for Racist Gesture

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According to the celeb news juggernaut, Toby Keith has more than a little explaining to do to the Asian and Asian American community.  The Country singer and actor (?) reportedly “pulled back his eyes when Will Smith rapped the word ‘yellow’ during an impromptu performance in Norway a few days ago.”  His rep apparently didn’t even feel the need to go the usual PR excuse route, like blaming the racist motion on some sort of tick or whiskey in his eyes, but instead said “nobody at the party thought Toby was out of line.”  What, there were no Asians there to watch a Country singer sing “Rapper’s Delight”?  I find that hard to believe.

Regardless, a rep for the Asian American Justice Center was certainly offended, telling TMZ “Toby Keith embarrassed himself and his country, denigrated the Noble Peace Prize and offended Asians and Asian Americans by using a crude, racist hand gesture.”

By no means is what he did okay, but seriously, what did people expect from the guy who brought us such country gems as White Trash with Money and Big Dog Daddy, and the recent highly acclaimed film Beer for my Horses.  Jussayin’.

Want to decide for yourself whether the gesture was racist or not?  Check out the video below – about 1:24 in, Toby Keith boots Wyclef Jean out of the spotlight and begins what looks like a sign language version of the song.

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