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The day had started as the one before, and the one before that. No need for alarm, why would there be? The sun rose, the birds sang, the wind whipped the leaves around the trunks of the tree and if no one made a noise, the squirrels argued over the last of the acorns scattered on the ground.

I shook myself up out of the bed, quickly remaking it behind me as I raced into a hot shower. The beating water felt great against my skin. Lathering my hair and having the bubbles of shampoo float off down my back allowed me to dream of the day ahead. I knew it was going to be just as the one before, and the one before that. I was young, and in love.

Thirty minutes later I walked out the door, found my bike and rode to school. I was in college and back then we rode our bikes to school. I was meeting my extremely handsome boyfriend for lunch and knew that after two classes I was going to ride back to the dorm and meet him. I had enough time to go back to my room and put my books down before we met.

I walked into the lunch area and looked for him at our usual spot and he was not there yet, but that was not unusual; often times I would get there before him. After thirty minutes, I decided that I would get lunch without him and see him later in the afternoon. I knew many people and had lots of friends. I went back to my dorm room and studied for the afternoon and really did not think much about the missed lunch.

By dinner, when he still had not called, or showed up, I was getting upset. This was not like the day before, or the one before that. I was young, and naive.

This had been my first true love and after nineteen months of bliss the bottom fell out around me and I had no idea what to do about it. After two weeks of ‘mis-communication’ our ‘bliss’ ended. And to this day…..I regret that decision. He truly was my one and only true love and had I been a bit more open and willing to talk about what was going on rather than stewing about the inconsistency that occurred, I wouldn’t be writing about my ‘Missed Opportunity’

So — you tell me — is this real?  Or Fiction??

I want you to write about some missed opportunity. It can be real or imagined, but make us either feel sorry for you or chuckle about your gaffe. Make sure the reader can understand the missed opportunity and how it (might have) affected your later life. Use prose or poetry and write fiction, nonfiction, or an essay.

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