Today is my son’s birthday

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Today is my son’s birthday, but he is in the hospital, facing possible surgery depending on what they find. So instead of taking him out to eat and maybe having a family day at Busch Gardens tumbling in the roller coasters and visiting the new Cheetah cat exhibit, I’ll be visiting bedside.

Anyway, I thought it might cheer him up

to get some extra birthday wishes

from you.

Here are some shots from our recent visit to Busch Gardens in Tampa.

Loved the cheetahs, came away with several fine shots too, still unedited.

You look good enough to eat ….











The most popular and the newest ride is

the cheetah roller coaster,

be prepared to wait in line for that one.











The tickets were an early birthday present, expensive, like 84 bucks, but Florida residents get a break, if you buy a one day ticket you get to visit all year long for free – a great deal.

This fearsome dude,

a very old crocodile

looks positively menacing – don’t you agree?






My little niece, Natascha was here from Germany and we took her for a day. She couldn’t decide which she loved best, the many roller coasters or the fabulous animal exhibits.

We had a great time and if I ever get ’round to it, I’ll do a full photo essay about Busch Gardens – bottomline, if you get a chance to go, do it, you’ll love it – something for all ages and don’t miss the train ride.

Below is one of my son’s favorite roller coasters.

I can tell you I’m not going on that either – no way:)

But he and Natascha loved them all and only regretted that we didn’t have enough time to try out the other two roller coasters.











The gorilla exhibit

had a cool rain forest setting,

they really enjoyed the waterfall to keep cool in the heat.






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Here he is with his wife Cristina, her knee dislocated, so she’s been wearing a knee brace and trying to stay off her feet as much as possible.

You could rent a scooter for $40 a day and it gave us priority treatment – she called it the “princess treatment” – for things like the sky ride (no waiting in line and we scored a return trip so she could get back to her scooter). 

Worked for the train ride too, which has it’s own wagon at the end, with a platform to bring her on board - scooter and all, very cool and handy.

They get two thumbs up from us for being super ADA friendly.

Markus and Cristina






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All images are © Rose Hill

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