TODAY Show Crew Enjoying Matt Lauer’s Absence

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The cast and crew of The TODAY Show has reportedly enjoyed Matt Lauer’s absence this past week. David Gregory filled in for the co-host while he went on vacation. Matt has been in the hot seat since Ann Curry was fired and TODAY ratings were quickly usurped by Good Morning America, and it doesn’t sound like he’s been missed.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Ann Curry’s replacement, Savannah Guthrie, got along well with David Gregory, and the overall atmosphere changed during the week with Matt gone. Matt Lauer

“The energy is just so much lighter and not as tense while Matt has been on vacation this past week,” a source says. “Everyone has breathed a sigh of relief. The crew just works better together, things just flow a lot easier, and no one is looking forward to Matt returning.”

It sort of sounds like they’re wishing Matt wasn’t coming back–doesn’t it?

“Savannah is now settling into her role as being co-host and the staff is truly embracing her now. David Gregory has been filling on for Matt this past week and he and Savannah have a good chemistry. The cast and crew are very much aware that Good Morning America has been consistently beating them in the ratings, but while Matt has been gone, it hasn’t been thrown in their faces everyday,” the source adds.

Ever since word got out that Matt played a huge role in Ann Curry’s firing, he’s worked his way to the top of pretty much everyone’s sh*t list–and when he started coming down hard on his co-workers because of the drop in ratings, people started to hate him even more.

The NBC network is learning, however, that viewers miss Ann Curry, so they’ve featured more of her news reports during this past week. It’s uncertain how Matt will feel about that when he gets back.

Do you think Matt Lauer is making his co-workers that uncomfortable at The TODAY Show? Why isn’t someone calling him out on his unpleasant actions? It seems NBC needs to make some changes fast before the remainder of their viewers defect to Good Morning America.

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