‘Toddler Fight Club': Daycare Workers Forced Children to Punch Each Other

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Three women in a Dover, Delaware, daycare center entrusted with the care of young children are being charged with encouraging a toddler fight. These stupid, uncaring women thought it would be a great idea to force two little 3-year-olds to fist fight each other, and they also caught the fight on video. You have to ask yourself what kind of a sick-minded individual, much less three of them, would think it’s perfectly fine for young children to punch and slap each other?

The three suspects, Tiana Harris (19), Lisa Parker (47), and Estefania Myers (21), are being charged with assault, endangering the welfare of a child, reckless endangerment, and conspiracy. The daycare, ironically named Hands of Our Future LLC, was the site where two young boys were forced to duke it out while the daycare workers egged them on.

The video of the fight, which was actually discovered in the course of a separate investigation concerning the day care, has not been released, but a few details have been made public. At one point in the video, a little boy runs toward one of the workers, hiding behind her in fear, only to be shoved back into the “ring” to face his foe. “No pinching, only punching,” coached one of the three women.

It gets even worse. According to the Dover police department, the kids weren’t just hitting each other, they were throwing each other onto tables and doing some serious damage to each other. Ten children in the daycare watched as the fight progressed. Were they forced to watch? Were they threatened with punishment if they didn’t watch? Further details aren’t as forthcoming because the investigation is ongoing.

Needless to say, though, the parents who had their children enrolled in the daycare are none too happy about this revelation. It’s disturbing, sadistic, and just plain criminal that these women would abuse these poor children in such a vicious manner. This might not have even been the only toddler fight. There could have been more that haven’t been revealed yet.

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