Toddler Left Outside in Texas Heat, 6 Month Old Alone In The House

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Bond has been set for $105,000 to three adults who are accused of endangering a two-year-old toddler and a 6-month-old baby on Monday, August 1, 2011. $105,000 does not seem enough for what these three are accused of doing.

The temperature outside Monday was an extreme 106 degrees in Midlothian, Texas. Police received a call that a toddler was outside in the heat alone. They went to the house, and low and behold there was a two-year old sitting outside alone in a diaper.

Fox News reported that police could hear a baby crying as they were knocking on the door. No one answered, so police had no choice but to enter the home through the unlocked door. According to police, the house reeked of marijuana smoke. Inside the kitchen, laying on the floor, was a six month old baby! How long was that poor child crying before police showed up?

The children were brought out to an air-conditioned police car and Child Protective Services was called. Makes one wonder how hot it was in the house, when the children had been fed last, and how often this went on?

Police searched the home, and found two women and one man asleep. After waking them up, the adults were checked out by Midlothian Fire Department paramedics. Police got a warrant to search the home, and it is reported that they found an assortment of illegal items, including marijuana, some digital scales, and random drug paraphernalia.

Does $105,000 bond seem enough? Two children were endangered while three “grown-ups” took a nap and did who knows what else. The person who called the police is an angel, and could have possibly saved the lives of two innocent babies.

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