Toddler Rescued From Toy Crane Machine: Is Your Child’s Safety At Risk?

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A toddler being rescued from a toy crane vending machine is making news this weekend! The event happened back on Wednesday at a Pennsylvania area mall when a two-year-old little girl crawled into the vending machine to get an even more up close look at the toys and other stuffed animals inside the machine. It looks like the little girl just wanted to play.

However, once the toddler was inside, she was unable to crawl her way back out. Yes, she became stuck inside the machine, and the fire department had to be called in to rescue the tot. They arrived on scene within minutes. The good news is the toddler was not injured from the ordeal. In fact, she looked incredibly calm afterward.

Her mother was the most upset about the machine, and she called for changes to be made in the making of such machines. The holes need to be much smaller. The mother of the toddler even called for this particular machine to be taken out of the mall.

The fire chief that came in to rescue the little girl said the following about what he saw when he arrived on scene on Wednesday: “The cutest little girl in a pink outfit sucking her binky inside with the other toys.” The fact the little girl came out unharmed from this ordeal is the best news. Machines such as these are seen in many locations. Malls being just some of them. They are popular with kids, but younger children are able to crawl inside like this.

That makes these machines a risk. The mother of this young girl told authorities it only took a few seconds for her own little girl to crawl inside the machine, and then she was trapped inside.  The company behind this particular vending machine was not identified, but any vending machines like this need to be looked into and this flaw fixed. It can put children at risk, and that makes it all the more important to look into. This one incident ended well, but that might not be the case next time. Go here for the latest news.

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