Toddlers Wearing Makeup- Big Deal or Not?

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Recently, Katie Holmes and daughter Suri have been under some heated criticism involving Suri’s grown-up look. The 3-year-old, who is also known to wear little heels around town, was recently spotted out with mom bearing some brightly colored lipstick. In a poll done by the Today Show Moms Blog, 88.3 percent of people thought that the celebrity tot donning colored lips was “definitely creepy. Dress-up should stop at the clothes. There’s no need for makeup unless it’s Halloween.” While 11.7 percent voted that it was “cute for sure. It’s harmless and part of the dress-up phase that little girls love.

I’m going to go with the majority vote on this one and agree that makeup on a little one is a bit much. Don’t get me wrong, playing dress-up is perfectly fine! When I was a child I remember having my big, pink caboodle full of fake little kid makeup. I’d pretend to glam myself up, slipping into some of my mom’s shoes and twisting a few curlers in my hair. And I’m sure many of you women reading this can fondly recall similar scenes. But I think the difference with little Cruise is that the dress-up is being taken publicly and seemingly treated as a normal image for a young child. And that’s where it gets kind of weird for me. Little kids shouldn’t be out in public wearing make-up (or even heels, in her case). They should be enjoying their childhood (a.k.a running around, getting dirty, having fun, picking boogers, and what ever else little kids do). And if dress-up is going to be a part of playtime, then it should be kept at home. Besides, it’s no fun running around outside when you’re in a pair of strappy heals!

So, Suri… you will have plenty of time to wear makeup when you are all grown up. But for now, ask mom to throw out those heels and trade them in for some cute comfy shoes. And for goodness sake sweetie, put on a coat! It’s still winter time…








Where Do You Stand? Is Suri Too Young To Be Wearing Lipstick & Heels?

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