Toilet Lawn: David Linscott Protests School Closing – Art Pieces?

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Could a toilet lawn be considered art or an object of protest? A plumber from Kittery, Maine, is displaying toilets on his lawn to protest the closing of an elementary school. Talk about childish! David Linscott set 17 different poo catchers on his lawn.

File:Toilet in german theater munich.JPGAfter the school closed, a middle school was expanded. The expansion led to more cars parking on his street. Talk about a change for the worse!

If Linscott had to turn to showcasing toilets on his lawn, he’s either a force to be reckoned with or a card shy of a full deck. No matter what, everyone can agree that Linscott has the guts to do what he believes in. Do not step on his toes or in this case, park on his street.

He is a sidewalk warrior and he’s going do what’s got to be done to win, and it’s obvious, he’s willing to play poo dirty! Readers, would you touch those toilet bowls?

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