Tolerance? Atheist Group Attacks Mormons with Nasty Billboard

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Really? An Atheist group attacks Mormons with a billboard in Boca Raton, Florida. The nasty and intolerant message proclaims, “No Blacks Allowed (until 1978)” and “No Gays Allowed (Current).”

The religion of Harry Reid is clearly only an issue when a conservative subscribes to Mormonism. The NY Daily News reports that the President of the group responsible for the billboard, David Silverman, justifies the attack by saying, “We feel that America doesn’t know or understand the possible ramifications of a Mormon president.” He continued to state, “Mormonism is marketed to us as another sect of Christianity. But it is not.” Why does he care? He does not believe in anything. He is clearly making a political statement.

One would think that a secular group would be particularly understanding of freedom of religion. Why would anyone actively bash others’ deeply held beliefs?

This billboard seems to be more about party than Mormonism. If David Silverman really wanted to expose Mormonism, he probably would have attacked Harry Reid. Silverman also stated,

“The fact is that Mormonism is racist to its core. It’s homophobic in its behavior. It’s misogynistic through and through,” Silverman told the Daily News, adding that he “laughed” when he heard the church said his group’s statements were inaccurate.

What an arrogant loser. Mormons, like secular Americans, like anyone, deserve to practice their beliefs without being mocked or demeaned. Something tells this author that Silverman is not a Romney supporter.

Image Source: American Atheists via NYDailyNews

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