Tom Cruise Already Dating His ‘Oblivion’ Co-Star?

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By now everyone knows that the Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes divorce is practically a fait accompli. And all’s well that seems to have ended well. Katie gets Suri, and now that she’s no longer married to the so-called “freakish dwarf,” she also gets to wear stiletto heels. Suri gets some peace and quiet and no Scientology camp school. And Tom gets a new lady-love. Wait. back it up. TC has a new lady-love? Already?

Yes, rumor has it that Tom, the amazing Mr. Cruise, is “being linked to a new woman—just days after settling his divorce battle with Katie Holmes.” The new victim—er—girl on the block is his Oblivion co-star, Olga Kurylenko. Olga is a former Bond girl with whom the mega-star has been spotted “smiling… and holding hands… outside the Empire State Building” while filming in New York. The two reportedly have incredible chemistry.

However, Tom Cruise’s rep has denied rumors that the mega movie star and his 32-year-old co-star are dating.

“They are shooting a movie and they are actors,” explained the rep, “—their chemistry on set is them acting. It’s their job.”

So, there you have it. Obviously, Tom and Olga were doing their jobs outside the Empire State building because the cameras were reportedly rolling. Duh. So while Cruise may marry for a fourth time at some time in the future, it probably won’t be to Olga Kurylenko. On the other hand, it could be. Stranger things have happened.

Actually, maybe Tom Cruise should find himself a good VIP escort service and cool it with the marriage-go-round for a while. He doesn’t seem to be very good at it.

Just saying.

Note to Suri Cruise: Watch out for the kids in regular school, Honey. Those little monsters can be brutal.

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