Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Divorce: Scientology Won’t Recognize Their Split

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce is certainly getting a lot of attention from the press. However, the Church of Scientology is probably going to choose to ignore it.

There’s lots of talk that Scientology played a part in Katie’s decision to split from Tom—maybe she didn’t want Suri Cruise to be raised believing in the religion after becoming skeptical of it herself. Whatever the case may be, it’s odd that Tom believes in a religion that doesn’t really recognize divorce when he’s already been through two of them—he split from Mimi Rogers in 1980 and Nicole Kidman in 2001.

Mimi might be the woman responsible for introducing Tom Cruise to his beloved religion, which involves the belief that humans are descended from a race of aliens. Perhaps this is why Tom has seemingly taken a shine to alien movies—he’s starred in War of the Worlds, and his upcoming movies Oblivion and All You Need is Kill also involve extraterrestrials. Tom’s busy movie schedule could have also contributed to the demise of his marriage.

According to The Daily Mail, in the Church of Scientology there is a belief that the religion will strengthen marriages, and that all marital problems are caused by issues that couples don’t discuss. The Church places an emphasis on counseling for couples experiencing issues, and of course they’re supposed to get this counseling from the Church. However, just like Tom, founder R. L. Hubbard was actually married three times, so apparently the Church doesn’t give very good advice on how to keep a troubled marriage from falling apart.

But the Church of Scientology encouraging couples to stay together isn’t really that shocking since Christianity and many other religions also place an emphasis on making marriages last, and of course what really matters is the court recognizes Tom and Katie Holmes’ divorce. Meanwhil,e the Church might also choose to turn a blind eye to the famous couple’s split because it’s a bit of an embarrassment for the religious institution.

Tom and Katie Holmes have reportedly raised Suri Cruise as the Church advises—she’s been treated as an adult and allowed to make her own decisions. This might also have something to do with why Katie is divorcing Tom and is allegedly seeking sole custody of Suri, letting a six-year-old do whatever she wants is not going to end well. Suri has definitely been spoiled with her expensive wardrobe, and she’s even been allowed to wear high heels and makeup. Since she basically gets whatever she wants when she wants, she’s probably prone to throwing tantrums. Perhaps Katie Holmes has finally seen what Scientology has done to her child and is ready to try and rectify the situation.

Or maybe she just wants her own career—Tom Cruise has a ton of movie projects in the works, so he seemingly expected Katie to take care of their daughter while he was busy playing movie star. Perhaps the actress got tired of just being Tom’s wife and Suri’s mom and finally wants something for herself.

So what do you think made Katie decide that she’s had enough?

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