Tom Cruise: Church of Scientology Girlfriend Recruitment False

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Tom Cruise came to the quick defense of the Church of Scientology following reports about how they tried recruiting the perfect woman for the actor. He says everything in these reports is false. Sounds like Tom is under the gun once more to protect the secrets that lie within.

According to a report from RadarOnline, a major news story in the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair describes how Scientologists set the actor up with various options foTom cruiser girlfriends from within the fold. Former Church of Scientology members provided the information to the upscale publication.

The search for Tom’s perfect woman reportedly ended with the unknown whereabouts of Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige’s wife, Shelley Miscavige. The leader claims he knows where his wife is hiding, but sources say she hasn’t been seen in years.

Another interesting tidbit is that there’s no direct quote from Cruise himself, but rather one issued via a rep.

“Lies in a different font are still lies — designed to sell magazines,” the statement read.

This bizarre case gets stranger by the minute. Thank goodness Katie Holmes got out when she did, saving herself and their daughter Suri from a very questionable future.

Why is Tom Cruise working so hard to protect the Church of Scientology? Is he doing it out of a deep-rooted belief in the cult or is it out of fear for his own life?

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