Tom Cruise Divorce: Was Katie Holmes ‘Blacklisted’ in Hollywood because of Scientology?

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Ever since Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, there has been tons of speculation about the role Scientology might have played in the breakup. And according to a new report, the controversial “church” may be behind the “biggest reason” she’s leaving him!

A “close friend of Holmes” tells Celebuzz that Katie is upset “her once thriving acting career had taken a big hit ever since she became connected to Cruise and the controversial Church of Scientology.” In fact, the friend goes so far as to claim that Katie has been “blacklisted” because of the “religion” — and that Academy Awards voting results have been “skewed … on more than one occasion” because the Hollywood establishment doesn’t want a Scientologist to win an Oscar.

“It’s no coincidence why Katie hasn’t been getting the roles she deserves,” the friend says. “She wants to win Oscars but instead has been getting fluff roles. There’s a good reason why her husband has never won an Oscar. He was brilliant in Born on the Fourth of July and should have won. He was also denied for Jerry Maguire and Magnolia. Look at another Scientologist, John Travolta. He seemed like a shoo-in for Pulp Fiction but was also denied.”

Is Katie really an Oscar-caliber actress? This sounds like something Jessica Biel said in an interview last year — she complained that she never gets the movie roles she auditions for, and it didn’t sound like she realized that she’s always losing out to actresses who are considerably more talented than she is. So maybe the reason Katie is only offered “fluff roles” is because casting agents think that’s all she’s capable of. However, Katie did manage to pretend to be crazy in love with Tom for the duration of their marriage contract, so maybe she’s a better actress than she’s given credit for.

But losing out on movie roles isn’t Katie’s only worry about Scientology — she’s also “terrified that Tom or the Church of Scientology will do something to take Suri away from her” and has around-the-clock security at her new apartment in Manhattan. But she’s also supposedly “developed a post-divorce plan” that involves moving to London.

“After her divorce is final, she wants to move overseas for a while. She wants to keep Suri away from all the chaos and put her in a top British school,” the friend tells Celebuzz. “She wants to disappear the same way Nicole Kidman did. It’s the only way she will keep her sanity and keep Scientology goons away from her.”

Yeah, that’s a great idea. She should totally move to London, which is only 30 miles away from Scientology’s British headquarters. Either Katie’s post-divorce plan isn’t very well thought out, or her “friend” doesn’t know what s/he is talking about.

What do you think? Was Katie Holmes “blacklisted” in Hollywood because of Scientology? Should she move to London to escape Tom Cruise? Sound off in the comments!

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