Tom Cruise Gets Icy After Split With Wife, Katie Holmes

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What does a Hollywood heart-throb do when his wife files for divorce? If he’s Tom Cruise, he hops on a helicopter and cruises over Iceland.

It seems one of Scientology’s most prominent members has been lying low since wife, Katie, demanded she be let our of their marriage. Tom obviously doesn’t want to answer questions about their split, especially on the heals of his blatant profession of love during a recent Playboy interview. It makes him look two-faced. That’s not something Cruise wants his fans to think about him.

There’s no official word of Tom’s destination when he boarded the helicopter. However, he was more than likely on his way to start filming his latest movie—Oblivion. Contractual agreements wait for nothing, including divorce.

One thing people did note, however, was that the usually affable star wasn’t looking very happy when hopped aboard his ride. There was no mega-watt smile or sparkling blue eyes; both trademarks of the handsome Hollywood hunk. He looked as people might expect, devastated about the loss of his lovely Katie.

Both stars have kept themselves hidden since the divorce announcement late last week. There’s no word yet whether Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will speak about the issue or just let the paperwork and the courts do all the talking for them.

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