Tom Cruise in ‘Major Crisis Mode’

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Tom Cruise is reportedly in crisis mode in the days since Katie Holmes filed for divorce. It seems he is extremely fearful that people will learn details about his life he doesn’t want them to know.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Tom likely realizes what this divorce and the revelations that come with it could do to his career and it’s scaring him.

“Tom’s whole life . . . is being torn apart,” a source says. “He is on the phone with his lawyers 24Profile Picture/7.”

Katie Holmes reportedly doesn’t want her and Tom’s daughter Suri raised within the Church of Scientology, and it sounds like she’s doing everything possible to ensure she isn’t—including divorcing Tom Cruise. This could shed some very negative light on the Rock of Ages star and on his church as well.

Tom Cruise reportedly “doesn’t want his entire life laid out for everyone to dissect anymore.” This has thrown him into the purported ‘crisis mode.’

What do you think he is afraid of people finding out? Is he guarding the Church of Scientology of just himself during these divorce negotiations?

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