Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes: ‘No’ to Suri? No Way! Suri Gets What She Wants

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are being the best parents they can be by not saying, “No” to Suri. Their little mini me, Suri gets what she wants when she wants! Manuella Children's Backpack BagWhy bother with discipline when you’re Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise? Isn’t that what money is for? To buy your child’s love and respect? Pathetic!

Anyhow, on to the juicy details! Apparently a former nanny for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has come out to say what how difficult it is working for them is because there’s no such thing as saying “No” to Suri! Suri gets what she wants when she wants and that includes “cupcakes in bed for breakfast… $100,000 playhouse… $6,000 Halloween costume.”

Katie Holmes supposedly said she’s not saying “No” to Suri because Suri is just a kid so she gets to be treated like a diva. Well, Suri is already 4 years old and if Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes don’t start saying no soon, they can forget about ever saying it. A little 4-year-diva can be cute but fast forward 10 to 20 years and you’ll be stuck with Paris Hilton! Yikes! Time to say no now!

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