Tom Cruise Kisses Another Woman Post Katie Holmes Divorce?!

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Is Tom Cruise already kissing other women? The ink hasn’t even dried on Tom and Katie’s divorce decree and he is already hooking-up? That sure is what some of the tabloids would have eager readers believe.

The only problem is, the woman who Tom Cruise was photographed kissing this week was none other than Olga Kurylenko… his acting parter and co-star in his new movie. Can’t the guy get a break and be left alone to do his job?

Still, tabloids took a grainy paparazzi photo of Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko in a liplock on the Oblivion set and made it out to be some sort of scandal. This ties into the stupid rumors that somehow Kurylenko was “the other woman” who broke up Tom and Katie Holmes.

The only thing that the photograph proves is that Tom and Olga’s characters are romantically involved in the movie. Beyond that, this is no rebound relationship.

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