Tom Cruise Received Free Labor from Church of Scientology–Human Trafficking Probe Continues

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Actor Tom Cruise reportedly received free labor from the Church of Scientology. This news emerges amidst an FBI probe into the church and concerns about human trafficking.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Cruise received free labor from people who customized his SUV, two of his motorcycles and even a building that houses his toys.

David Miscavige was the best man in Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ wedding. He allegedly put some members of the Church of Scientology to work for little to no pay on many projects for Cruise. One of those laborers was former Church of Scientology member John Brosseau. He claims to have performed thousands of dollars worth of work for Cruise.

Brosseau, however, wasn’t one of the members who worked for no pay. Instead he was rewarded a hefty $50 per week for his work for Tom Cruise.

Brosseau said he was paid so little, according to the church, because of the nature of his work.

“And I’m supposed to be working for the betterment of mankind,” he says.

The Church of Scientology has long been suspected of various bizarre practices. If they were in fact taking part in human trafficking it would be the first recorded illegal action they were involved in.

Tom Cruise, however, could easily afford to hire the best of the best to perform any and all duties he deemed necessary. Does it sound a bit strange that he allowed the church to provide him with labor for little to no pay?

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