Tom Cruise to Save Fellow Scientology Members from Aliens Within

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A new book about the Church of Scientology tells readers that Tom Cruise will save fellow members from the aliens that plague them from within. Called Going Clear: Scientology, the book is by Lawrence Wright, a Pulitzer-Prize winner.

According to a report from RadarOnline, the book is called a “feat of reporting,” and within its pages describes how Cruise signed a billion year contract with Scientology and that these days, he’s the third man from the top. He serves below the late L. Rob Hubbard and David Miscavige, known as COB or Chairman of the Board.

Tom cruiseThe book describes how the practice of ‘auditing” comes into play within the Church of Scientology. It seems a device, called an E-Meter, is used to clear the mind of mental blockages that took up residence during previous traumatic events. The process includes ridding human beings of the aliens that exist within them and enabling them to control themselves as well as those around them.

The more the general public learns about the Church of Scientology, the more people can completely understand why Katie Holmes divorced Tom Cruise. What mother wouldn’t want their daughter protected from people who believe such concepts? She no doubt saved little Suri Cruise from some bothersome practices.

The Church of Scientology, of course, says Lawrence Wright’s claims are “pure fantasy,” but institutions like the Wall Street Journal don’t laud fantasy, but rather hard-earned, well-reported facts instead. It seems like a lot is soon coming to the surface about the hows and whys of this bizarre organization, with the leading Hollywood actor very close to its helm.

Will you be checking out Lawrence Wright’s Going Clear: Scientology?

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