Tom Cruise Turning 50, and Katie Holmes Couldn’t Care Less—But What About Suri?

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Tom Cruise turning 50 as his wife files for divorce is bad luck indeed. The actor’s birthday is tomorrow, July 3rd, but Katie Holmes obviously could not care less about the timing as she filed for divorce just a couple of days ago. (Maybe she thought that it would be kinder to break the news to him beforehand, rather than celebrating his birthday and then saying: “Oh, by the way, I’m leaving you.”) Going ‘over-the-hill’ and being slapped with a divorce (from his much younger wife)? Talk about adding insult to injury!

How will Katie Holmes explain things to their daughter Suri? Will she even let her little girl wish her dad a happy birthday? Reports are saying that she is filing for sole custody of Suri, so it would appear that she wants Cruise to have very limited interaction with his daughter. She is also only 6, so she probably is not aware of everything that’s going on.

File:Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes WHCAD.jpgJust last year, Cruise discussed in an interview his thoughts on turning 50, and when asked the question: “What do you do to stay so young?” He laughed, seeming very happy, and then answered simply, “Work.” Hmm, interesting—one would think he might have said, “Katie and Suri both keep me young.” But he seems to be work-obsessed. He did mention Katie later in the interview, but his first answer was about how making movies makes him “happy in life.” In fact, he is filming another movie in Iceland right now called Oblivion. (He seemed to be pretty oblivious to the fact that his marriage was falling apart. Pun definitely intended.)

Of course, there’s really no good time to tell someone you’re divorcing them, but Katie’s timing of the announcement, right before his big 5-0, is pretty impeccable. What do you think about Tom Cruise turning 50 right after Katie Holmes filed for divorce? Would it have been kinder of her to have waited?

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