Tom Cruise Wedding Dance Off Goes Viral (Video)

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Footage of Tom Cruise dancing at a friend’s wedding is going viral. With his moves still intact, could there be a Risky Business 2 in his future?

The actor who once made his dancing feet famous while getting down in his underwear attended a wedding for friends Sandy Modic and David Ellison. David also happens to be the executive producer of Tom Cruise’s upcoming new movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

The footage featuring Cruise challenged to a dance off by another wedding guest has gone viral after being released by TMZ. Apparently everyone still wants to know if Tom still has what it takes to cut a rug. By the looks of the shaky, no doubt camera phone footage, he’s still got it.

Although some would argue that the challenger won the dance off, it would appear that the Mission Impossible star simply concedes. Maybe he didn’t want to make a bigger spectacle of himself in the middle of someone else’s big day. Or perhaps he’s saving up his best moves for a Risky Business sequel? We can only hope.

What do you think of Tom Cruise’s dance moves? Has he still got it?

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