Tom Cruise Worried About Katie Holmes Spilling Scientology Secrets?

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Is Tom Cruise concerned that Katie Holmes might spill some extremely privileged secrets about the Church of Scientology as a means of gaining sole custody of Suri? Will he be in trouble with the church if that happens?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, an ex-Scientologist claims Tom is actually terrProfile Pictureified of Katie Holmes, and it’s because he fears she knows too much.

“Tom never ever thought that the demure Katie whom he married would ever see the truth and yes he is terrified. Terrified that she will reveal all the manipulation that goes on in Scientology. Katie was even told to disconnect from her own family!” the ex-Scientology member divulged anonymously.

Katie Holmes’ parents, Martin and Kathleen Holmes, have even said recently how happy they are to have the ‘old Katie’ back. That’s the kind of thing parents say when their children are saved from cults! Exactly what kind of ‘religion’ is Scientology, anyway?

“Ever since she [Katie] met Tom, she had been living in a prison, she has been living in h-ll. Katie will be made to feel like she is being followed, that she is evil. They want to make her feel powerless and afraid,” the source explains.

Do you think Katie Holmes is in danger? And is Tom Cruise in danger of reprimand on behalf of the Church of Scientology? Are Scientologist men expected to keep their wives ‘in line’ and to protect the secrets their belief system guards?

Would Tom Cruise condone any harm coming to Katie Holmes?

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