Tom Cruise’s Former Publicist: ‘I Still See a Little Boy’

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When Tom Cruise was just 18 years old, he was bound and determined to become a world famous movie star. That is, according to his former publicist, Eileen Berlin, who represented him during the earliest phase of his career.

Since Cruise’s marriage to Katie Holmes has gone south, everyone who has ever had any contact with Cruise has come out of the woodwork to give their take into why the marriage didn’t last, and offer up their own insight into the megastar’s personality. Berlin, who is now 77 years old, worked with the young actor between 1980 and 1983, and saw his star rise to dizzying heights after his breakout movie, Risky Business, was released in 1983.

Berlin was one of the few people Cruise from outside his family who was allowed to get close to him. According her, he had a lot of anger and resentment toward his father, who had abused him mercilessly before abandoning the family. He came to her theatrical agency shortly after he turned 18, and she and her late husband took him under her wing.

Of the young Tom, Berlin said, “Tom was moody and would get angry in a snap of your fingers. It was like something was smouldering and it would boil up and explode.” She believes that much of the intensity from his acting is the result of his pent-up anger, especially from his earliest movies.

She told reporters that she was very surprised his marriage to Katie Holmes lasted for as long as it did, considering the background he came from and his unresolved emotional issues. “I think Tom was the perfect candidate for Scientology. He didn’t believe in therapy but he obviously needed help.”

He briefly lived with her and her husband after hiring her as his manager, and she became a sort of surrogate mother to him. He was mostly polite, and called the older couple ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’ but after he’d had some success in movies, she began to see how dangerous his temper could be.

He threw a scrapbook she’d made for him, hitting her in the cheek, because she included cut-outs and stories from teen magazines. He didn’t want to be a teen heart-throb. He wanted to be a serious actor. In 1983, when he skyrocketed in popularity, Cruise and Berlin ended their professional relationship.

His “help” came in the form of the Church of Scientology, which he credits with helping him to overcome his dyslexia and emotional issues. Most people see a millionaire celebrity. She still sees a little boy. And why shouldn’t she? She knows him like no outsider does.

She witnessed Tom Cruise during his formative Hollywood years. She watched in discomfort as he strutted around her house in a G-string underwear, admiring his own reflection in her mirrored wall. He was obsessed with his appearance.She watched as he paraded girl after girl on his arm, hardly staying with the same one more than once.

And so, she isn’t surprised that his marriage to Katie is over, and she is just surprised it lasted as long as it did. She believes that the rift between the two came as a result of his steadfast devotion to Scientology, while Katie probably remained skeptical.

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