Tom Hanks for President!

The other day, a girlfriend and I were on the phone talking about the upcoming election and the candidates at hand.  We both agreed that they ALL suck.. not one of them is anyone we actually want to vote for, and there must be a better choce somewhere.  Is it too late to scrap the whole mess and choose new candidates?  I don’t think it is.. it ain’t over til it’s over, right?  LOL   So, we thought it would be a great idea to start a write-in vote campaign for someone ..but who? Who would be a viable candidate to step up and win this election?  Who would be able to fix this mess we’re in, and get the good ol’ U. S. of A back on it’s feet and thriving again?  Well.. we thought about it and decided that we wanted John Cusack for President.  Then we realized a) he has no political experience and b) we don’t know his politics or where he stands on any issues… but, we do know that he’s hot! Well, while that’s good enough for us, at least if we have to have an idiot running the country, at least John Cusack would give us something nice to look at, it may not be quite enough for the rest of the country.  Then today, there comes a video endorsement of Barack Obama for President, by none other than Tom Hanks.  He’s smart, articulate, level-headed, has directed movies, so he knows how to organize stuff,  manage things, and get things done, he’s very well liked, and seems quite diplomatic…and he’s also kinda hot! I’d love Rita Wilson to be First Lady, she cracks me up. I think she’d be great at it.  He knows history, and while he lacks political experience, I’m sure someone could give him the Cliff’s notes version and catch him up, or perhaps “How to Be The President for Dummies” would suffice.  Really, if Bush can do it, anyone can!   People have voted and determined that his opinion is more respected, in terms of political stuff at least, than Oprah’s.. and Oprah is no slouch in the influence department.   So, what do y’all think?  Tom Hanks for President…or do you have any other suggestions?   Who would you like to start a write in campaign for? 

Tom Hanks on YouTube

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