Tom Hanks on Regis and Kelly – Tom Hanks Puts It to Kelly! (watch embedded Video here)

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Tom Hanks appeared on the Regis and Kelly show and promptly began to make a fool of himself. His usual ‘every guy” demeanor became even more like a regular person when he started to let it roll about seeing his picture on time magazin. The ordinarily bright Hanks  refered to the show as Regis and Kathy Lee as in Kathy Lee Gifford, who actually was a far better entertainer than the stuck up Kelly Rippa who now co-host the over the hill and out of touch Regis.  

The snarky dumb hostess did not let it by , when the Tom Hanks was asked about being a presenter at the Academy Awards on March 7, the kelly snipped, “Oh I guess, well, you didn’t win last year,” being completely aware that last year’s Oscar winners present the next year’s awards in the acting categories. While co-host Regis Philbin quipped , “See what happens when you cross her?”  


Watch it for yourself and enjoy Kelly getting miffed!    

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