Tom Hardy ‘Batman 3′ Role Teams ‘Inception’ Star With Chris Nolan – The ‘Riddler’?

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Tom Hardy will star in “Batman 3″ it appears, according to sources following buzz about the upcoming Gotham City anticipated sequel.  It would stand to reason that the chameleon-like “Inception” star would make a good fit in the Chris Nolan-directed film. But, what role will Tom Hardy play in the “Batman 3″ movie, a villain like the “Riddler”, or a role tossed around at “Comic Con” recently as “Killer Croc”?

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 08: Tom Hardy attends the UK film premiere for 'Inception' at the Odeon Leicester Square on July 8, 2010 in London, England. (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

The timing was right for Tom Hardy to be tapped to star in the upcoming “Batman 3″ film, due to begin April taping in New Orleans.  Much speculation has been floating around about what A-Lister would be tapped to star in the Warner Bros. film, and a plethora were tossed around.  But, when the George Miller-directed “Mad Max: Fury Road” film ran into a set delay, his star, Tom Hardy, who was set to play “Mad Max” became the likely choice for Chris Nolan’s “Batman 3″ film, according to Deadline.

Tom Hardy, the rapidly-ascending actor, who has given brilliant performances in post-“Inception” roles, appears to be director Chris Nolan’s top choice to star in the film, but in what capacity?

For starters, Nolan has said some time in the past that he has no interest in reviving the “Joker” characters, and he “absolutely will not” bring back “Mr Freeze”.  He also stated, in no certain terms, that he does not have any doting interest in the “Penguin”.

Chris Nolan realizes that all bets are on this film, and fans, while looking for something safe and conventional, are more in search of movie mastery that leans towards the unexpected.  The long-standing “Batman” films have changed the personalities of the lead, but not much beyond that.  Fancy cars and gadgets, with a degree of predictability took more of the focus off the actors who were mercurial at best.

Fans, based on the success of new films like “Avatar” and “Inception” are looking more for an experience in the film, with likely twists, injection of new faces, and breath-taking special effects.  What is certain is that the latter will entertain, but will Tom Hardy in the “Batman” film complete the blueprint?

What are your thoughts about Tom Hardy having a “Batman” role in the upcoming installment?  Should Chris Nolan play it safe by sticking to traditional villain roles in the film to protect the tradition without marring its soul? Or, should he use the chameleon-like talents of Tom Hardy in “Batman 3″ to push the limits of cinematography?

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