Tom (My Character Is in Control (Saturday Writing Essential)

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Challenge: Using prose or poetry, tell us about any experience you’ve had with a character developing without your conscious input. If you’ve never had it happen, discuss what you might do if one of your characters just started developing without your guidance.


Tom was 1 of three brothers – old time cowpokes.  At age 85, Tom was the youngest of the three.  He was tall, wiry and usually a bit shaky, but that was due to his drinking problems.  OK, there’s the description and here’s where it went.



Tom weren’t no bad drunk

Only problem was, he stunk

Fact were, he were kinda dear

Ever night asleep in my Belvadere

Drove him home ever night

Told is brothers he were alright

Weren’t too bad with the windows down

Closed the bar, took him to town.

Brothers locked the door, made him sleep outside.

His smell even I found hard to abide.

One day, cold outside, I turned on the heat

Held my nose, knowing his stink would repeat.

He woke from a drunken sound sleep.

That then’s when he uttered a peep.

I turned to see him and saw his new bed roll

He said, no choice, cold take’s it’s toll

My brothers threw me in the creek.

Soaped me down, clean enough to squeak

They burned my bedroll and all my clothes.

They told me that everything goes.

This said, I tell ya, for the next week

His stench was quite weak.

The stench came back, it weren’t  no joke

Heck, ya just gotta help an old cowpoke.


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