Tom Petty to Michele Bachmann: Stop Using My Song

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Another day, another disaster for Michele Bachmann. The ultra-conservative Congresswoman is under fire by none other than legendary rocker Tom Petty, who isn’t thrilled that Bachmann has been using his song “American Girl” at her campaign events.

It’s standard practice for Presidential candidates to appropriate a patriotic song to use when they appear at campaign events, but in true Michele Bachmann fashion she (and her campaign) took the easy way out and didn’t think to get Petty’s permission to use his song.

Now Tom Petty has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Bachmann campaign, demanding that her campaign never again use any of his music. Clinton used “American Girl” during her campaign with no protests from Petty. Sounds like Petty doesn’t want his music used to advance (even in a slight way) a conservative candidate.

It’s entirely unsurprising that Michele Bachmann’s campaign didn’t bother to get permission to use Petty’s music. The Congresswoman was probably too busy pandering to her gullible fans in Ohio to bother with silly things like making sure her campaign wasn’t stealing Petty’s music.

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