Tom Selleck Shows Off Dog Whisperer Skills and Mustache History Recall on ‘Letterman’

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Some might say Tom Selleck got almost a reverent welcome for his visit with David Letterman just days ago. The host known for playful snarkiness remarked that the actor was so beloved that fans would even love “hosing food particles from his mustache.” Once settled into the comfy chair next to Dave, though, the two got on like golfing buddies—well, almost. When praising his drama’s success, Letterman mentioned the great cast, then quipped it starred “you mostly.” The two relished from Frank Sinatra’s guest appearance on Magnum PI, with Tom remembering that the legendary singer’s requirement was that “I just want to beat somebody up.” That custom scene was nearly a wrap, when co-star, Larry Manetti, spoiled it with a Polaroid, and then played coy about his guilt. The evening became much more fun when matters turned to Selleck’s new dog, and teaching a course in manners, and remembering the stages of his mustache in Letterman history!

Selleck thrives on his role as police family patriarch on Blue Bloods, and has particularly enjoyed becoming papa to a new German Shepherd, named Uma, bestowed on him by wife of 26 years, Jillie Mack, as company when he has to commute between coasts for the shooting of his series. Even Selleck’s Jesse Stone was joined at the heart to his dog, Reggie, so it’s no wonder Tom thought that the gesture was the perfect gift. The new pet is actually of Czechoslovakian descent, and “Uma” translates as “don’t mess with me,” according to Selleck. She is already queued to respond to “the word” which Tom seldom need utter, but which Dave could not help but try to decipher! “Uma switches gears” upon hearing that prescribed word, and if she senses anyone has “that attitude, you’re gone.” The actor is still an avid avocado grower, despite not liking them at all himself, and proved himself sharp as ever, senior age notwithstanding, in naming exactly the number of times he had appeared with Dave with his mustache—that being nine out of his 13 appearances. No need calling Uma in as referee. Tom Selleck can handle Dave on his own.

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