Tom Selleck Talks about Mutts, Meals, and Making Another Season of ‘Blue Bloods’

The news is already out to cast the compelling patriarch, Tom Selleck; “Blue Bloods” is set for its third season on CBS. The veteran star may be set in some of his police practice ways as Commissioner Frank Reagan, but in real life, he hardly holds to the pattern of slowing down through his senior years. He wrote the story for his upcoming eighth installment of his Jesse Stone series, “Benefit of the Doubt,” which will air May 20 on CBS. The iconic actor admits that doing both roles at once “will make you crazy,” but what compels the actor and his audiences are the common connections with the star and his roles.

Dropping by to talk with Rachael Ray, Selleck scooped that he had just adopted a new dog, Ulma, a German shepherd from the Czech Republic, who won the heart of wife, Jillie Mack, and was already a fixture in the their California home, but who was still learning the ropes about jumping on folks. The actor also revealed that Joe, the ever- present roommate and canine conscience of Jesse, would be making his eighth appearance as faithful sidekick, and like Jesse, Joe was showing some age. No word about a long-distance dog romance between Ulma and Joe, since he resides in Halifax, but anything is possible. Fans love how Selleck keeps the flaws and family values in sight through his projects, and he doesn’t forget the potatoes, either. Some of the Reagan family dinner scenes take eight hours to shoot, and Selleck has a known aversion to the vegetable group, but they are provided for vegetarian Will Estes, who portrays the youngest rookie son, Jamie. Tom sticks to meat and potatoes, and tries not to avail the need of the provided spit buckets too often. He has taken to the technique of buttering the same roll over and over on camera!

The monotony of mealtime is all worth the satisfaction of serving up storylines that keep drawing fans consistently, and characters who know their audience “roots for them,” explains Selleck. The recipe for cast chemistry on “Blue Bloods” has been audience-tested to perfection, and a dash of Tom Selleck never hurts.

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