Tom Sizemore Questioned in Disappearance of Megan Wren

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Tom Sizemore, best known for his role in Saving Private Ryan, was earlier cleared of suspicion in the disappearance of Megan Wren. However, as of today things may have changed for the Hollywood actor. It always comes as a shock when criminal things of this caliber affect celebs. Of course everyone expects to hear about drug problems, hookers and breakup-makeup sessions with other celebrities; but things like this are just meant for episodes of Law and Order.

Tom Sizemore, 50, claims to be a friend of 25-year old Megan Wren but she was reportedly living with him during the time of her disappearance from the Westlake are of Los Angeles. Sizemore’s manager claims the two were not romantically linked, but considering she was an attractive girl living with a so-called actor, who knows what was going on under his roof.

Tom Sizemore, who earlier this week was cleared as a suspect in the case, is being questioned by police who are investigating this mysterious disappearance. He gave a preliminary statement, but police aren’t necessarily satisfied with what he had to say. His statement seemed quite nonchalant, actually. Bill Wren, the father of missing Megan Wren, says his statement was basically along the lines of “I don’t know where she is.

Sizemore, who’s been in movies like Black Hawk Down and Meth Head, has been arrested before. In fact, he’s been booked on drug-related charges in the past and even showed up on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Well hopefully drugs are his only thrill of choice and Megan Wren is found safe!


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